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  • Apartment B Bike Storage Box Nook
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  • Apartment B Bike Storage Box Nook Exterior
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  • Apartment B Bike Storage Box Nook Pegboard
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Our NOOK is the space saver you’ve been looking for. Store your road, racing or wider handled mountain bike in this fully secure, weatherproof unit that has a 3-way locking system. The NOOK helps stop your bike clogging up valuable space in the home or carpark corner thanks to its diagonal shape.

See our custom colour chart HERE , and Contact us with the color and code to customise the Apartment B.

See DIY Installation Manual

Note: Price are RRP only and are inclusive of GST. Contact us regarding current promotions and discount codes from our related Bike Clubs and Bike Networks (Conditions may apply)

    • Single storage unit
    • Suitable for road, racing and mountain bikes
    • Internal/external applications for stacking
    • Simple DIY flat pack (incl. floor fasteners)
    • Reinforced door for more security
    • 1.2mm galvanised metal sheet construction ideal for multi-residential, commercial and carpark areas
    • 3-way locking system with vandal-proof flush handle/master key option
    • Custom powder coating and paint finish available - additional charge
    • Option to add Riders Shadow Board and internal/external base – additional charge
    • Delivery or on-site installation
    • Designed and Made in Australia
    • Respects the value of your bike and each part that comes with it, and why a hoop or cage is just not an option.
    • Respects the value to ride….. and why
    • Respects the value of the upgrade….and why a rider needs to hide this.
    • Respects the value of your space inside your home, apartment or office….and why
    • Gives the ability for you ride to the office on your ‘preferred bike’ …..and can show you how.
    • Come in four standard Galvanised range, shape and sizes.
    • Designed for easy assembly/disassembly with simple instructions.
    • Installation Options.
    • Like the bike that travels with you, so can your Apartment B.
    • Suitable for Residential/Commercial/Public Service and Governmental use
    • Trademark, Design Registered and Patented in Australia.


Easy assembly, flat pack delivery door to door (Installation Services also available)


Meets Class 1 security per AS2890.3 (including 3 point locking)


Designed and Made in Australia


Custom models available in terms of Colorguard or Powdercoat finishes


Timber floor options available for external and internal fastening


Riders Peg Board options for Helmet, Glasses and Shoes